Much has changed at SHARE over the past year.

We’re under new ownership (Patrick and Tom now own the platform), we’ve started a podcast with some wonderful guests, we’ve changed the meaning of our acronym (which now stands for Stories of Humanity and Resourcefulness in Education) and we have continued to add courses to the platform (admittedly at a slower rate than we would like to). But the biggest change just happened this week:

As of now, all courses on SHARE allow you to name your own price, even if that price is $0.

Tom and I decided to do this because we wanted as many educators as possible to have access.

Nothing about the content has changed, and there are no tricks, “in-app” purchases, or gates. If you feel like you want to contribute to our operations by paying more than $0, that’s up to you, but you’re under no obligation.

We’re hoping to continue improving the platform, adding courses, and working with new subject matter experts as often as possible, so each dollar paid toward a course helps us continue to make SHARE a place where educators can get inspiration and ideas that help them maintain safe, productive classrooms.

Thanks for coming, and we hope you find something of value.

-Patrick + Tom