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Our courses enable you to cultivate resilience in yourself, your students, and your community.


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SHARE is a place where you can connect with fellow educators to inspire growth and change in your educational community.


Our name is a statement of purpose: We are the Source for Help, Advancement, and Renewal for Educators. There is no one-size-fits all solution to teacher burnout, but the most sturdy support for those in need comes from fellow educators—both those in one’s local educational community and in the profession at large.

We think of our courses as a catalyst for conversation and growth in local learning communities. By creating intuitive coursework filled with practical guidance and resources from teachers, experts, and designers with different perspectives, we aim to inspire and equip teachers to share their own perspectives, because learning is, fundamentally, sharing.

Teacher and Students

Why Is Trauma & Resilience Training Important?

Even if your school or district is not currently using trauma-informed strategies, you’ve likely seen the research of how such approaches are positively impacting the lives of students, teachers, and administrators across the country. Resiliency, in particular, is important for everyone—students are more likely to posses it if they are taught by teachers who display it, and teachers are more resilient if empowered by knowledgable administrators. Being equipped with the right tools and strategies will help teachers build resilience in light of the secondary trauma they are experiencing in their classrooms every day.

Two thirds
Student Trauma
More than two-thirds of children report at least one traumatic event before their 16th birthday
9 times
Each year, the number of youth requiring hospital treatment for physical assault-related injuries would fill every seat in 9 stadiums
Group of 4
1 in 4 high school students have been in at least one physical fight
Group of 5
1 in 5 high school students report being bullied; 1 in 6 cyberbullied
19 percent
19% of injured and 12% of physically ill youth have Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
54 percent
More than half (54%) of U.S. families have been affected by some type of disaster