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George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor. The world knows these names now because of what was taken from them. In the wake of these horrifyingly common occurrences of violence, it’s essential to lift up Black voices, to support Black leaders and creators, and to champion their causes. Our cause is education, so to show solidarity, […]
Lex shares what it’s like to be a paralympic athete and a mentor. Throughout his life and career he has learned the invaluable skill of resourcefulness, a skill he encourages everyone to develop.
“Teacher preparation” is a simple phrase, but a complex idea that begs many questions. What does it mean to “prepare” a teacher? How do you ready someone for a profession that requires constant adaptation? Is “preparation” something that can be completed, or is it lifelong? “Professional Development,” as a phrase, is in the same camp. […]
Sophia talks us through the disappointment of being an olympic swimmer who can’t even get in a pool due to the pandemic. She talks us through dealing with disappointment and finding ways to keep moving forward, even when times are tough.
On weekday mornings, the bell in the schoolyard near my home still rings. The gate to the field is locked, and the grass has grown too long. The parking lot is empty because the people for whom the bell starts the day are at home, watching screens. Both of my next-door neighbors are teachers—one secondary […]