Teachers are experts at transforming complex information and sparking creativity. We are creating a way for them to share their insights and to learn from each other.

Infinite Possibilities

Our lessons allow each teacher to bring their own experience, and build upon it creating their own unique outcome.

Community of Peers

Teachers can share and create new, exciting learning experiences—collaborating with educators across the nation.

A Source for Renewal

Our lessons can provide you with much needed inspiration and remind you why you chose to become an educator.

The Platform

We are creating a new frontier in the education of teachers—where formal instruction, social learning, and community can come together.

We listen to educators and cover topics that are relevant and timely—creating premium professional learning offerings that are practical and immediately applicable. Every lesson we create appeals to diverse learning styles – leveraging multimedia, scenario-based learning activities, and student–student interaction. Additionally, each lesson relies on free tools and web-based resources not only to engage participants, but to inspire them to use these and related resources in their own classrooms.

Practical Assignments

Produce assets and tools that can be leveraged immediately in your own classroom and are suited to your needs.

On Your Schedule

Lessons are self-paced and available across all of your devices—fit in your lessons whenever you can.

Exclusive Community

Learn alongside fellow teachers in a safe, secure place for discourse and honest interactions.