We’re a small team at SHARE, with fewer than 10 full-time members. This, of course, means that everyone wears many hats, that everyone has to be a “big-picture” kind of person and a “do-er,” and that we all love to hear first-hand how the platform and its courses are helping educators. We can only continue to grow and improve to the extent that we’re listening to our users and responding to their feedback. If you’ve taken a course on SHARE, you know there are a few ways users can tell us what they think:

  1. Fill out an end-of-course evaluation to give us specific, course-related feedback,
    Submit to our contact form,
  2. Post a comment to the discussion boards associated with the modules in each course, or
  3. Submit a help ticket if you’re stuck.

Let’s start with feedback from the end of course evaluation for our most popular course, Teaching Through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Over 97% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the learning materials helped them understand how coronavirus-related stress can affect teachers and students. Over 93% agreed or strongly agreed that the course helped them feel more prepared to help students suffering from trauma related to the pandemic. Finally, over 90% said the graphics, worksheets, and materials in the course will be useful in their classrooms.
The over-1500 users on our platform are constantly reaching out to us and to each other to talk about everything from the challenges they face in their classrooms to the value of the lessons they’re learning in our courses.

Sara, a Site Coordinator in New York, took both Teaching Through the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Moving Beyond Trauma course series. She says, “Our job is to create a safe environment where students feel accepted, appreciated, and have a voice. The SHARE courses magnified what to look for in kids that are coming back to school and have experienced all this trauma.”

Right now, most educators echo Sara’s concerns for students and for themselves. The pandemic and the thought of returning to trauma-affected classrooms has forced many teachers into early retirement, into strikes, and has caused anxiety among educators across the country. “I need to learn how to teach during COVID,” Ekaterina from Texas wrote, “I think this course will help me.” She is currently enrolled in Teaching Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Some teachers enrolled in SHARE courses are veterans and some are new to the profession. “I never imagined that my first year of teaching would be during a global pandemic,” Georgina wrote. “I know that in the long run I will be a better educator for it, but I am quite nervous about how this year is going to go. I know that I am not alone in this…If this is how I am feeling, I can’t imagine what these kids have gone through. It was helpful to read this information.”

Diane from Colorado is currently taking Unbroken Curriculum: Purposeful Conversations and wrote, “I appreciate the high quality level of PD that I’ve seen in Module One. Some of the information is a helpful review (I’m looking at you Bloom’s Taxonomy) and some is new to me (Voice 21). I’m enjoying taking some deep dives into the trove of resources provided. Thank you!”

As we continue to grow our course catalog and our resource library, we are making a renewed effort to get to know our users and speak with them directly. We want to know what is helpful, what you’re looking for next, and how we can help make classrooms across the country safer and more productive.

Please keep letting us know what you think!