George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor. The world knows these names now because of what was taken from them. In the wake of these horrifyingly common occurrences of violence, it’s essential to lift up Black voices, to support Black leaders and creators, and to champion their causes.

Our cause is education, so to show solidarity, we elevate these Black-led organizations:


For the past 76 years, UNCF has been raising money to help students “not just attend college, but thrive, graduate and become leaders.” The results: They have provided scholarships to over half a million students, provided support to 37 HBCUs, and helped double the number of minority students in colleges and universities since their founding.

If you would like to donate to UNCF to extend their cause to even more students, visit their website and consider a monthly pledge.

Black Teacher Project

A 501(c) non-profit organization and part of the National Equity Project, the Black Teacher Project “develops and sustains Black teachers to lead and reimagine schools as communities of liberated learning.” In addition to direct support of Black teachers, the project also hosts events including virtual institutes, educational opportunities, and (before the pandemic) mixers, happy hours, and networking events. For a detailed understanding of their program’s impact, you can download their 2018 Annual Report.

Visit their donation page, and consider supporting a Rejuvenation Space, a pedagogical book study, a Peer Support Space, or contributing to a scholarship.

Black Girls Graduate

Recognizing the difficulty that women of color face in seeking employment opportunities, post graduation, Black Girls Graduate provides guidance and resources for Black Women to find jobs and build successful careers. Additionally, the organization partners with employers to increase “diversity, inclusion, and representation” in workplaces across the country. If you’re an employer, reach out to them to talk about the different forms of partnership that are possible. You can also support the organization by buying their graduation-themed merchandise.

Collective Impact

A San Francisco-based organization, Collective Impact runs three main initiatives that support physical and mental health programming, “reducing juvenile contact with the juvenile and criminal justice system,” and focusing on literacy, STEAM, and sports for K-12th graders. To learn more about the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center, Mo’MAGIC, and Magic Zone, visit the Collective Impact website.

Consider donating to their “Community + Student Support During COVID-19.” As of the time of writing this, they had about $175,000 left to go on their goal of $250,000.

The Hidden Genius Project

“Black male youth demand, and are working towards, a future where their genius is celebrated, realized, and shines every day and is no longer hidden, suppressed or belittled.” Such is the vision of this organization, which, through mentorship and training, supports young Black men in leadership, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Watch how the project is impacting their community from the youth whose lives were transformed and the mentors dedicated to this work. Then, consider donating to support them.

Californians for Justice

Californians for Justice focuses on helping students become community leaders through participation in high school clubs and afterschool programming. Each year, the organization engages 250 youth in “leadership development and advocacy,” focusing on social emotional development, civic engagement, and breaking “the cycle of racial bias in our schools.”

This year’s focus is advocating for “Relationship Centered Schools to make…schools and communities better places to live.” For a donation of $60, the organization can send a student to Sacramento. You can also sign up for recurring donations to continuously support young leaders. Visit their website for more information.