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Professional Learning Renewed

The Connor Academy partners with SHARE to:

  • Enable you to discover trauma's effects, manage stress, and cultivate resilience in yourself and those around you, which is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Guide the creation of learning activities and materials to use in your classroom
  • Connect you with other teachers concerned about trauma and resilience in education

Why Is Trauma & Resilience Training Important?

"Partnering with SHARE is part of our effort to build whole, healthy children, families, and communities. The Moving Beyond Trauma course series will provide you with tools and strategies to help you cultivate your own resilience so that you can help your students return to the classroom. I invite everyone to begin this important learning journey."

- Joel Lovstedt, Principal/Superintendent

Moving Beyond Trauma

SHARE was built as a Source for Help, Advancement, and Renewal for Educators. We work with subject matter experts and university partners to understand how trauma affects classrooms and how to create conditions for learning in spite of it.

The 15-hour, self-paced course series, Moving Beyond Trauma, employs simple, intuitive design, evidenced-based learning activities, discussion groups, scenarios, and a blend of multimedia in easily digestible units, available across various devices and platforms.

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Course Series Includes

Introduction to SHARE and the Course Series
9 times
Traumatic Stress and Your Body
The Trauma of ACEs
9 times
Stress in the Classroom
9 times
Traumatic Events in Schools and Communities
Two thirds
Resilience and Recovery From Trauma
9 times
Assignments: Teaching About Trauma and Resilience

The Learning Experience

Course Overview

Course Overview

Course Module

Course Module

Course Discussion

Course Discussion

Course Assignment

Course Assignment

Things to Know

Time to completion

As a Connor Academy educator you can receive 15 hours of professional development (1 credit) using a B-7 inservice form for taking Moving Beyond Trauma which will contribute to your annual professional learning requirements.


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