Unbroken Webinar: A Victory for Hope

Intended Audience: K-12 school teachers and administrators Length: One 60-minute synchronous webinar + One 10 minute Check Your Knowledge Objectives and Goals:
  • Oracy-Based Classroom: 
    • Information | Impactful Resources
    • Importance of Proper Implementation 
    • Maintaining Oracy Culture
  • Case Study: Unbroken
    • What is The Unbroken Curriculum
    • How do I implement the standalone Micro Lesson into my classroom? 
    • In-person, Blended and Digital Options
  • Continuing the Conversation
    • How does one create and, most importantly, curate a culture of oracy on their ow
    • Calls to Action: What steps can you take next.

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Transform your classroom by building a culture of oracy among students. Watch this 60-minute recorded webinar as host Heather Fuller and special guest Luke Zamperini discuss cultivating purposeful talk based on the ultimate story of resilience, the YA version of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

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