Teaching Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Intended Audience: K-12 educators and administrators Length:  90 minutes Key Learning Objectives: 
  • Recognize the traumatic effects of COVID-19
  • Address pandemic-related stress in the online classroom
  • Rebuild trust and a sense of safety among educators and students

This course discusses stresses specifically caused by responses to COVID-19, such as quarantine and social distancing. It also provides strategies to help educators and their students remain strong during the pandemic. Optional activities describe learning materials you can create to teach resilience in a time of crisis.

Teaching Through the Coronavirus Pandemic is a free, self-paced course divided into 3 modules.

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Module I: Recognizing the Traumatic Effects of COVID-19

The first step in dealing with any sort of trauma is to recognize it. The characteristics of the coronavirus, including its origins, transmission, and means of control, make people afraid of each other and anxious about their own health. Recognizing pandemic-specific fears makes it possible to address their effects. Module I will help educators recognize the effects of coronavirus-related stress in their students and themselves. It talks about the unique ways in which individuals and communities may process the experience of the disease.

Module II: Addressing Pandemic-Related Trauma in the Classroom

The stress caused by the pandemic can interfere with both teaching and learning and is likely to be compounded by classrooms that are suddenly moved online. Educators need practical strategies for dealing with not only the mechanics, but also the psychological repercussions of the pandemic. Module II discusses the challenges educators face trying to teach traumatized students online. It provides tools to spot and control technological and behavioral problems in a virtual classroom and suggests ways educators can reach out to students who are suffering.

Module III: Rebuilding Trust and a Sense of Safety

The effects of the coronavirus will be felt for a long time. Although it is not yet possible to know exactly how life will change, reestablishing a sense of security is an important step towards integrating the results of this tragedy into life. Module III focuses on helping educators and their students remain strong during both the short- and long-term future. It suggests online activities educators can use to help students be resilient.

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