Building Strength and Healing Together: Talking Through Trouble

Intended Audience: K-12 school teachers and administrators Length: 90 minutes Key Learning Objectives:
  • Improve communication skills with students and parents
  • Learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication
  • Recognize and talk to someone who is depressed
  • Deal with in-class disruptions
  • Create a re-entry plan for students
  • Organize a Restorative Justice Circle
  • Gather a community to help students

Talking Through Trouble uses the story of Mr. Rodriguez, a teacher at Flat River Middle School, to show the importance of effective communication when helping Jenny, a student having trouble with depression. The different approaches Mr. Rodriguez uses to talk to students, their families, and his colleagues, who are all trying to help Jenny, are examples of communicative strategies teachers can try in their own classrooms. In the last module, Mr. Rodriguez works with Jenny and her school community to come up with a plan for her return to the classroom after a behavior-related absence. For participants with hard-won experience, these courses provide a space for them to share what they have learned. For those who need guidance, we provide evidence-based resources.

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