Back to School During COVID-19

Intended Audience: K-12 school teachers and administrators Length: 90 minutes Key Learning Objectives:
  • Become aware of feelings about teaching during the pandemic
  • Understand the relationship between emotions, thoughts, and behavior
  • Recognize cognitive errors
  • Develop strategies for combating automatic thoughts
  • Manage expectations
  • Treat your class and yourself with more compassion
  • Develop a positive attitude to meet unforeseen challenges
  • Increase students' ability to learn on their own
  • Encourage students to become personally invested in their education

Back to School During COVID-19 addresses the social and emotional challenges teachers and students may face this fall during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It starts with strategies for recognizing the negative feelings that returning to teaching might provoke, and then talks about how to manage them. The course suggests activities both teachers and students can use to increase their resilience and self-reliance. It also discusses ways to encourage students to take responsibility for their own education during a time when they will work more independently than usual. In anticipation of further disruptions due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, the course concludes with recommendations for remaining positive and flexible during an unprecedented school year.

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